Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Come and see us at our new location; 109 Pitt Street (corner of First Street). Soups: Ham n Split Pea or Potato-Leek (vg). Scones: Blueberry.


We now offer a selection of yummy breakfast options!

Served every day from 8am to 11am!

Toasted Stuff
Plain Bagel 2.95
Choose from: plain, sesame seed or whole wheat
Cream Cheese Bagel 3.95
Choose from: plain, sesame seed or whole wheat
Toasted baguette 2.50
Buttered with your choice of jam or peanut butter

Ham and Brie breakfast wrap at Love Love Food in Downtown Cornwall

Egg Wraps
All served on sun-dried tomato tortillas wraps
Cheese 6.95
2 eggs, cheese & mayo
Roasted Red Peppers 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, roasted red peppers & mayo
Ham & Brie 7.95
2 eggs, brie, ham & mayo
Bacon 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, bacon & mayo
Eggs à la Quesadilla 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, cherry tomatoes, Tex-Mex spices & mayo