Garlic Scapes Recipes

It’s that time of the year when Garlic Scapes are available at your local farmers’ market. I remember discovering this unique item a few years back. I’ve used it in scrambled eggs, biscuits and as a flavour kick in a stir-fry. Here are two very simple recipes for this curly garlic lovers dream ingredient. Garlic … Read more

First day at the market

Rain, Rain and more rain, then a little bit of sunshine at around 11am… not bad for the first day of the Cornwall Farmers’ Market. Our helper Sarah Well Friday night was a late one, I was preparing the last minute things needed for the launch of the market… you know like making some lemon … Read more

Oyster Mushrooms

What is an oyster mushroom? This fan-shaped mushroom grows both wild and cultivated in close clusters, often on rotting tree trunks. They’re also called oyster caps , tree mushrooms , tree oyster mushrooms , summer oyster mushrooms , pleurotte and shimeji . The cap varies in color from pale gray to dark brownish-gray. The stems … Read more