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Welcome to the Tips & Tricks section of the LoveLoveFood.com website.

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Icky sponge no more
Instead of laying your kitchen cleaning sponges (and getting those unsightly smells), take a bulldog clip and attach it to the bottom. The flat part of the clip becomes an instant stand.

DIY Skewers
When making kabobs you need those bamboo skewers, what happens when you run out half way through? Try take-out wooden chopsticks. All you’ll need to do is hone one end with a pencil sharpener (or by using a sharp knife).

Making space for cans in the cupboard
We all know that cans in the pantry can take a life of their own… Why not take a magazine rack (at least 5” wide) and stack your cans in it.

Seeding tomatoes
I don’t like tomato seeds in most of my food. I find that it adds an unwanted bitter taste (unless you cook them for a very long time). A salad spinner is your new best friend for this task. Cut your tomatoes in the desired size, place them in the salad spinner, give-it a few spins and watch all the seeds disappear.

Not so “hard” to remove shells
Removing the shell from hard boiled eggs can be a daunting task at times. When the eggs have cooked, remove the water, leave the eggs in the pot, shake it a little to break the shells a little, then add enough cold water to cover the eggs. The cold water will seep under the shells making it quite easy to remove them afterwards.

Spice grinder cleaning made easy
Many of us have an electric spice grinder and it can get dirty after a little while. Why not add a few tablespoons of uncooked white rice to the grinder and let it run for 30 to 45 seconds (or until you your left with a white powder). Now you have a good as new grinder. Magic of the rice is that it will absorb oils and residue.

Water cleaning your microwave
For those of you who use a microwave you’ve probably spent much time trying to remove the dried-up splattered food from the ceiling and sides… Next time it needs a good cleaning: fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and microwave it for 10 minutes. The steam form will act as a “loosener”, then simply wipe clean.