Cornwall Farmers’ Market

Gourmet Map

Looking for something to do on Saturday morning?

June 4th was the launch of the Cornwall Farmers’ Market in downtown Cornwall, ON. What an amazing set-up this year. More vendors, more variety, more everything! They’re running the market from 8am to 2 pm till Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure to put this on your list of things to do each and every Saturday.


Love Love Food just can't wait each and every week to head down to the market!
George Assaly Lane (off Pitt St.) is the place to be every Saturday morning!

One of the coolest booths at the market is KD’s Kupboard, you may me wondering why I’m pointing this one out… Well, this very smart young girl sell the most delectible gourmet foods: Glengarry Fine Cheese, Levac Apiaries (honey), Daelia’s biscuits, Mrs. McGarrigles mustards, County Crackers, Steward Bags and many more! I always make sure to make this my first stop!


Love Love Food just finds this stall at the market the best!
KD's Kupboard: Just a girl selling gourmet foods!

Peace and Freshness!