John Gray’s Kitchen

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John Gray’s Kitchen
Av. Niños Heroes, Lote 6,
Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, 77580
Tel.: 998/871-0665
Closed on Sundays (no lunch, dinner only)

Over the holidays I was in Mexico, with the sun and the beach I discovered a most delicious gem in a little Mexican town called Puerto Morelos; John Gray’s Kitchen. This restaurant is a mix of local flavours with a twist of fusion cuisine inspired by the years of experience from the chef John. The menu offered such tantalizing dishes as: pork loin encrusted with a blue cheese, 3 cheese macaroni (that my nieces shared), and amazing appetizers (with which my partner created a mermaid dinner for himself). I started my meal with a spinach and smoked bacon salad which had a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese, it was DELICIOUS!

spinach and smoked bacon salad
Spinach and smoked bacon salad

Then the main meal: fish can be iffy when you order it (sometimes lacking flavour or over cooked), not this time. The piece of salmon was lightly spiced, with a garlic infused oil, the fish was presented on a bed of mash potatoes with two vibrant green stems of asparagus. You might be telling yourself, mashed potatoes really? But it worked.

My main meal... the fish!
My main meal... the fish!

Then came a little treat… the desert. Now what would I choose… they had at least 5 different options. I decided to go with the banana bread (since bananas grow there it might have a fresher taste? The waiter placed what could only be described as a work of art banana bread: the square in the middle of the plate, with a small dollop of vanilla ice-cream the drizzled in a sweet and fresh caramel sauce… oh and did I mention the cake was warm, I was stuffed!

Mr. John Gray!
Mr. John Gray!

Chef-owner John (a former Ritz-Carlton chef) and his feisty hysterical wife Dora make it a point of chatting a bit with all guests (yet never overbearing). Using only the best and freshest ingredients—from local fruits and vegetables to seafood right off the pier John and his team work their magic in a relaxed and chill setting that feels more Downtown New York that downtown Jungle in Mexico.

Next time you’re in Playa Del Carmen or Cancun, make sure to drop by this restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.

Love and Mexico