First day at the market

Rain, Rain and more rain, then a little bit of sunshine at around 11am… not bad for the first day of the Cornwall Farmers’ Market.

Our helper Sarah at the Love Love Booth at the Cornwall Farmers' Market
Our helper Sarah

Well Friday night was a late one, I was preparing the last minute things needed for the launch of the market… you know like making some lemon cream cheese icing, lol! I was also checking my weather app every 10 minutes to see if the weather forecast for the morning had changed… but it wasn’t.

But I was not going to let this yucky weather bring me down, I had some foodie fare to prep (as many of you we’re coming to the market to see us). 🙂

My offerings this past Saturday were the following: preserves (favorites and new ones line Vanillalicious Rhubarb Jam and Hold on to your Bonnet Jelly), mini bunt zucchini cakes, brownie lava cakes, Rony’s Soap, Oyster mushrooms, chocolate and zucchini cakes and  asparagus. We sold out of the mini cakes, and had very little veggies left.

One of the nicest parts of the market, was seeing all of the other vendors (most of them we hadn’t seen since last October) and catching-up with the regulars from last season. There we’re some new faces on Saturday; Amy with her Epicure products and coffee and treats from Dish Real Food.

Debbie over at Kd’s Kupboard had everyone talking about these new cured sausages (I’ll have to get the name of them and update this post), they were soooo good that she sold out of one of them. Tamara from Langview Farms is back, we bought some Italian sausages from her and had them for dinner tonight… yum!

We’re really looking forward to this season; bringing you some new products and oh so yummy baked goods.

Alex Syvester, Tony Lacroix & Debbie Burns
Alex Sylvester, Tony Lacroix & Debbie Burns

Big thank you to Jason Setnyk for taking the above picture.

Come and visit the Love Love Food booth every Saturday from 8am to 12 (noon) on George Assaly Lane in Cornwall, Ontario.

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