Passion for food

With 2013 upon us now, we start this new year with lists and lists of resolutions; losing weight, eating better and such. Here at Love Love Food we’re all about GOOD food. Not diet food, but food that is of excellent quality and that you can actually read and understand each ingredient on the label.

Love Love Food Cornwall, Ontario Gourmet Food Preserves and Gift

Our goal for this year will be just that: GOOD food! As the year goes by we will be bringing you tons of amazing new products. From dips, sauces and snack foods! As always, we welcome suggestions from you our foodie friends. Simply use the contact us tab.

Last year we brought you some excellent pasta sauces from Italy, great tasting and all natural… just last week a customer came into the shop looking for something different to jazz up a pizza, we quickly heard back a few days later that our sauce was a big hit! Then we have our bread dippers, yes these are amazing mixed-in with some olive oil… but adding a few teaspoons to some potatoes or vegetable before roasting them is a great way to switch-up these dishes. Then who can forget all of our gourmet preserves (did you know that we now have over 23 different varieties:):  From cheese, meats and for some of you on a peanut butter sandwich (yes, with our Rubies & Diamonds Hot Pepper Jelly), the possibilities are endless for the Love Love Food Preserves.

You should always up for a new food challenge, don’t be afraid to try something new with your food preparations… you’d be surprised and how some of these pairings can taste out-of-this-word! Also, don’t forget to try things again… you might of not liked cilantro when you were a kid, but taste change with age (I’m living proof of this).

We look forward to posting more about food tips, recipes and tricks in 2013

Happy Foodie New Year!