Saturday, May 12, 2018


Ham and Brie breakfast wrap at Love Love Food in Downtown Cornwall

Come and see us at our new location; 109 Pitt Street (corner of First Street). It’s Saturday! Come by for an awesome breakfast wrap and coffee. Scones: Cranberry-Lemon and mixed. We also have a great selection of desserts.


We now offer a selection of yummy breakfast options!

Served every day from 8am to 11am!

Toasted Stuff
Plain Bagel 2.95
Choose from: plain, sesame seed or whole wheat
Cream Cheese Bagel 3.95
Choose from: plain, sesame seed or whole wheat
Toasted baguette 2.50
Buttered with your choice of jam or peanut butter

Egg Wraps
All served on sun-dried tomato tortillas wraps
Cheese 6.95
2 eggs, cheese & mayo
Roasted Red Peppers 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, roasted red peppers & mayo
Ham & Brie 7.95
2 eggs, brie, ham & mayo
Bacon 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, bacon & mayo
Eggs à la Quesadilla 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, cherry tomatoes, Tex-Mex spices & mayo