The best measuring cups ever!

My prayers to the baking gods have now been answered!

In all of the years I’ve been baking (started with my mom when I was about 5), I’ve gone through my fair share of measuring cups. From metal ones (where the handles falls off), to hard plastic ones (where the handles break off) to sets where not all measurements are present (missing the all important ¾ cup). Well a few weeks back I stumbled upon the Oxo Good Grip Measuring Cups set!

The Good Grips® Angled Measuring Cups (a set of 7) are an essential accessory for every kitchen. These Measuring Cups feature easy-to-read colourful measurement markings making the work of measuring very easy and simple. The Cup handles have soft grips for added comfort. Constructed of sturdy plastic, the kitchen measuring cups make dipping into flour and sugar a breeze. This plastic measuring cups set is also a breeze to clean (since they go in the dishwasher).
Cup Set includes 1 cup, 3/4 cup, 2/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup.

Love and measuring sanity…

Calling All BBQ Aficionados!

Love Love Foods love Memory Lane Sweets in Cornwall Ontario

Gadget Guy
613-662 TOYS (8697)
Cornwall, ON
Every Saturday at the Cornwall Farmers’ Market
If you can’t make it to the Market, you can call or email him.

If you LOVE LOVE BBQ’s you’re going to want to check out this guy… the Gadget Guy! Don’t let the name fool you, he not only has one awesome selection of gifts for guys, but also carries an extensive line of sauces, rubs, marinades & more!

Ted (the Gadget Guy), searches high and low to find the best there is in BBQ gear. You will also find some pretty cool cooking tools at his booth.

Did you know that Frank’s Red Hot has different flavors? From Sweet Chili to Sweet Hot… and the list goes on!

Don’t forget to check-out his selection of golf & hockey inspired gifts. He has it all and the prices are quite reasonable.

Love and BBQ…