Can’t get out, Let us deliver it to you

Toasted Stuff

Toasted baguette 3.95
Buttered with your choice of jam or peanut butter

Egg Wraps
All served on sun-dried tomato tortillas wraps

Cheese 7.95
2 eggs, cheese & mayo

Roasted Red Peppers 8.95
2 eggs, cheese, roasted red peppers & mayo

Ham & Cheese 8.95
2 eggs, cheese, ham & mayo

Bacon and cheese 8.95
2 eggs, cheese, bacon & mayo

Eggs à la Quesadilla 8.95
2 eggs, cheese, cherry tomatoes, Tex-Mex spices & mayo


Egg Salad 7.50
Classic favorite served on marble rye bread.

Tuna Salad 8.25
Our house recipe served on marble rye bread.

Grilled Cheese 8.95
Assorted cheddar cheeses in a multi-grain bread.
add bacon          2.00

Turkey Breast
Oven roasted to perfection, served on multi-grain bread with basil mayo and romaine lettuce.

Ham & Cheese 8.95 
Multi-grain bread, ham, cheese mustard,  and mayo

Chicken Caesar Wrap 8.95
White chicken breast, with our home-made caesar
dressing topped with bacon and romaine lettuce, all wrapped in a sun-dried tomato tortilla.

Veggie Power Wrap (vg) 10.75
Seasonal veggies surrounding tempeh with our homemade hummus

Cubano 10.95

Our 16 hour slow roasted pork with slices of crunchy pickles and mayo grilled on a multi-grain bread


Soup 4.95, 6.95

Our signature daily home-made soups
visit Instagram and FB to see the soup of the day or call and we will be happy to tell you

Chicken Quesadilla 11.95
(vegan option avail. with tempeh +$1)
Chicken breast with tomatoes, cheese and spices, served with sour cream and mild salsa.

Mac N Cheese 12.95
Our signature cheese cream sauce, topped with toasted bread crumbs and served with toasted French baguette
add caramelized onions 1.00
add bacon or chicken      2.00

Pasta Marinara 10.95
(vegan option avail. +$1)
Tossed in our home-made marinara sauce and cheese, with toasted French baguette.

Croque Monsieur 11.95
French baguette, ham, cheese, mustard. Served with your choice of kettle chips, salad or soup.

Waffle grilled cheese 13.95
Parmesan and herb waffles, with assorted cheese, caramelized onions and maple cranberry sauce. Served with your choice of kettle chips, salad or soup.


Cobb Salad 12.95
Lettuce topped with chicken, bacon, ham, egg, cheese, veggies and served with ranch dressing.

Caesar Salad 7.95-10.95
Romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan and our
home-made dressing.
add bacon or chicken 2.00

Chef Salad 6.95 – 9.95
Greens, topped with in seasonal vegetables and served with a white balsamic dressing


Brewed Coffee 1.51
Cappuccino 3.95
Latte 3.95
Mochaccino 4.55
Espresso single 2.95 – 4.25
Americano 2.95 – 4.25
Tea 1.71
Hot Chocolate 3.25
Non-dairy milks 0.60
Flavour shots: 0.65
Soft drinks 1.75
Water bottle 1.75
Vietnamese Coffee (hot or cold) 4.95
Iced Coffee 3.95
Iced Chai $4.95


Island Breeze 6.95
Tropical fruit, orange juice and yogurt

Very Berry 6.95
Berries, apple juice and yogurt

Morning Blast 6.95
Orange juice, banana and blueberries


Cupcakes 3.50
Cheesecakes 3.50
Squares 4.50
Scones 2.95
Bake At Home Scones (6) 15.00
Cookies 1.50
Keto treats 3.50


Our food menu is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Taxes are extra.
Ask about our daily specials