Saturday Breakfast


The Classic Breakfast   7.25
2 large eggs done just how you like it served with roasted potatoes, a baguette and your choice of 3 strips of bacon, 2 thick slices of ham, or 2 farmhouse sausages.
Spoil yourself: breakfast with all the meats 9.95

Little Chef Breakfast   5.95 
Choice of 1 egg your way or Pancake (plain, chocolate chip or blueberry), roasted potatoes & fresh fruit.
Children 12 yrs and under. Add 2 strips of bacon, thick slice of ham or farmhouse sausage for 1.50

Pancakes Your Way
Plain 8.95
Blueberry 9.95
Bacon 10.95
Bacon-Cheddar 11.95
All pancakes are served with real maple syrup & a farmhouse sausage.

Egg in a Bowl 9.95
Scrambled eggs on a thick slice of ham covered in melted cheese served in a bread bowl with a side of roasted potatoes and fresh fruit.

Egg Frittata   11.95
Eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and marinara sauce all sauteed in olive oil and topped with bread crumbs. Served with toasted baguette.

Chickpea & Onion Omelette   11.95
Our all plant based breakfast; unique omelette made with caramelized onions, chickpea flour, basil and thyme. Served with roasted potatoes, toasted baguette & fresh fruit.

Breakfast Poutine   12.95
2 scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, cheese curds, farmhouse sausage, caramelized onions, béchamel gravy. Served with toasted baguette.

Toasted bites
Plain Bagel 2.95
Choose from: plain, sesame seed or whole wheat
Cream Cheese Bagel 3.95
Choose from: plain, sesame seed or whole wheat
Toasted Baguette 2.50
Buttered with your choice of jam or peanut butter

Sun-dried tomato tortilla egg wraps

Cheese 6.95
2 eggs, cheese & mayo
Roasted Red Peppers 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, roasted red peppers & mayo
Ham & Brie 7.95
2 eggs, brie, ham & mayo
Bacon 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, bacon & mayo
Eggs à la Quesadilla 7.95
2 eggs, cheese, cherry tomatoes, Tex-Mex spices & mayo