Saving Private Burnt Muffin

One of my pet peeves is burning a cake or cupcake. This happened with a batch of what was supposed to be some pumpkin spice cupcakes. Fast forward to 2 minutes of over baking and all I could think of it chucking them in the garbage. But then I said to myself; “only the bottoms are a little burnt”, “why not create Whoopie Pies?”

Here are the steps to create these easy Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies with a cinnamon cream cheese icing.

1. Remove the muffin papers from the cakes.


2. Prepare your desired icing (I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to mine).

3. Cut off the bottom (appox. 1/4”)


4. With an icing bag put as little or a much icing on one half of the cake.


5. Take a second part of cake and create a sandwich.


6. Place the assembled whoopie pie in a large muffin paper and put a small amount of icing on the top (I sprinkled some brown sugar to make is a little more fancy.


There’s always a way to salvage baked goods, my good friend told me she creates yummy bread pudding with the non-burnt parts of the cakes.

Love & being resourceful


What a great day!

We spread the Love Love Food love this past Sunday at the 3rd Annual Trunk Sale & Pamper Me Party. This fundraising event was held at Marlin Orchards and benefited the MS Society – Cornwall Chapter.

With over 1500 people in attendance, the organizers (who are still tabulating the proceeds) are looking forward to announce the final amount raised.

Extra special thanks to all who came by the Love Love Food booth to say hi. We met-up with some familiar faces and new ones too. If you could not make it out to the Trunk Sale, you can always stop by our retail store on Fridays (11 to 5) and Saturdays (9 to 2). The shop is located at 10 Fourth Street East, Unit B, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 2H8

We Love spreading the joy of Food, especially when it’s for such a great cause! We look forward to next year!…